Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wonder Woman 3-Piece Set - Improved

This is a 3-piece set that includes the top, shorts and boots, all merged together as one package file.

I was never satisfied with my first version of the Wonder Woman outfit, so I re-made it with better textures, improved shading and new custom thumbnails, and made new boots to go with it.  The bustier now looks like it's made of leather. 

The set is in the "Everyday" and "Party" categories, and fits teen, young adult, adult and elder Sims (in case an elder wants to wear it to a costume party).  You can find the top in the "Tanks" section as a color variation of a base game bustier top.  The shorts are found as a color variation of the buttoned shorts in the base game. 

You only need to download one of the below links to get the whole set.

DOWNLOAD (mediafire)

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