Sunday, September 7, 2014

Columbia Clothing Set From The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is a set of three items for Sims 4:  the multicolored sequined bustier, the striped shorts, and a multicolored sequined skirt that matches the bustier (because why not).  All three items are combined into one package file.  When your Sim wears the sequined top and skirt together, they look like a cocktail dress. 

The dog collar and the fishnet pantyhose are already in the base game.

Enabled for teen, young adult, adult and elder (just in case an elder wants to wear this to a costume party, LOL).  The bustier appears in the "Tanks" category in the shirt section in CAS.   The swatches in CAS have the letters "CM" on them (for Color Magic, since this was made with the Color Magic tool). 

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

The bustier with the matching skirt.

If you want a maid outfit for the character "Magenta," there is one at Mod The Sims, here

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